Is Your Yoga Fulfilling You?

Would it surprise you to hear that some desires need to be fulfilled? No....really, they do. And, it can be super helpful to frequently ask yourself this one simple question, "What do I want?"

Several years ago I took a job that was, financially at least, the job of my dreams. I spent the first year or so finding creative ways to spend all the money I was making.

Bigger apartment, bigger TV, several guitars, XBOX, and finally a 5.0 Ford Mustang that cost me a LOT of money. I had always wanted that car and truly thought it was worth every penny, at least at first.

As time went on, I could not help but notice that all these things actually didn't make me much happier. I was still overworked and pretty isolated because I simply had NO TIME for meaningful relationships.

Even worse, I could see a pattern where I would buy something, feel awesome for a bit, then go back to feeling not so great again. It was a terrible feeling to have what you thought would make you happy but not actually have it make you happy.

That terrible feeling was what inspired the growth...pretty ironic. I realized I had been chasing money my whole life because I grew up feeling like I didn't have enough.

I went on a mission and needed to achieve my financial goals before I could realize how unbalanced of a life I created.

The car became a burden at that point with the gas and maintenance expenses being so costly...not to mention I was always worried about it getting scratched or stolen.

I eventually traded the car WAY down and haven't looked back. I also got rid of lots of other "stuff" I accumulated over that period.

But, I don't beat myself up for my wild spending days too much because they were a necessary part of my path. No one could have talked me out of my behavior because some desires need to be fulfilled before you can let them go.

So, I forgave myself for my non-yogi-like materialism and that self-forgiveness is what allows me to forgive others that might seem materialistic to me.

That's how yoga has always worked for me...self forgiveness and self-love blossoms outward into compassion and understanding. And I am still a student of that process.

I still love Mustangs, though, so was excited to catch the early morning preparation for a car show on Sunday with lots of high-end Fords on display. But, while I appreciated the cars, I noticed the desire to take them home was just not there anymore.


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