Grassroots Activism with Belsay Gonzalez (Episode 16)

In the midst of a dire economic crisis, the citizens of Venezuela are enduring rampant shortages of food and basic goods. Because Venezuela imports a majority of these staple goods from other countries, hyperinflation has set in as its currency, the bolivar, has collapsed. Prices have risen so much that paying in physical currency has become arduous. At best, citizens face long waits and empty shelves at the supermarket. At worst, looting and theft rule the day.

The worst aspect of the crisis is that the Venezuelan government has refused to accept humanitarian aid, leaving citizens isolated and unable to access much needed assistance. In this episode, Jenny and Mike interview Belsay Gonzalez, a Venezuelan native and Florida-based activist that has raised over $7,000 for the crisis through Hear what motivated Belsay to get active and how she circumvented government controls to provide relief to family and friends in the region.

Mike and Jenny intro the episode with a discussion of community-based giving and some food for thought about how you approach your charitable donations.

If you would like to donate to help send food to Venezuela, you can access Belsay’s campaign here.

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