Walking Your Yoga Path with Ashton Szabo (Episode 13)

Ashton Szabo is a yoga teacher, educator, story teller, martial artist, and full blown anatomy geek. He currently hosts The Sivana Podcast: Eastern Spirituality, Yoga Philosophy, and Conscious Living.

In this episode, we discuss how Ashton's exposure to martial arts and yoga at an early age eventually led him to pursue the path of renunciation as a monk. We also learn what led him back to the US after many years travelling and pursuing his practice abroad. Spoiler alert...it is a four letter word that begins with L and ends with E, and The Beatles say it's all we need.

Ashton's story and our discussion of the challenges facing modern day yogis are sure to get your week started with a solid dose of inspiration. 

  • At 7:03 - Martial arts and yoga, the safe space of self-exploration.
  • At 9:50 - How love stopped Ashton from living in a cave.
  • At 16:57 - Social responsibility element of life, bringing back the treasure for all to benefit.
  • At 20:48 - Isolation and the enlightenment experience, and how it's important to create that inner cave.
  • At 24:33 - What the concept of enlightenment really is and the stages of it.
  • At 32:34 - Dealing with the emotional aspect of the yoga practice.
  • At 36:59 - Ashton's pet peeve of "going with the flow."
  • At 38:39 - Not getting catch up in the game of analyzing everything.
  • At 42:46 - How to navigate all the conflicting alignments being taught.
  • At 50:03 - Yoga doesn't have to be therapeutic. 
  • At 56:10 - Getting the why behind the alignments for the teacher and student to grow.

Learn about Ashton Szabo: yogawithashton.comanatomyofliving.com

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